Contributed Graphics

ht://Dig Copyright © 1995-2001 The ht://Dig Group
Please see the file COPYING for license information.

In addition to the default graphics that are contained in the distribution, ht://Dig makes it easy to modify the graphics used. Here are some contributed logos from many sources. If you'd like to contribute graphics for others to use, drop a line to the htdig3-dev mailing list, or upload to the ht://Dig server as usual. In particular, we'll consider all contributed graphics for inclusion in future releases unless otherwise instructed. If you are one of the designers of the works listed here as (unknown), please let us know so we can give you recognition.

Orignal LogoLogo 1
(unknown)Colin Viebrock
Logo 2Logo 3
Colin ViebrockColin Viebrock
Logo 4Logo 5
Colin ViebrockColin Viebrock
GearLogo SmallGearLogo
Gabriel Fenteany(unknown)
htlog (large)htlog (small)
Bulldozerht://Dig (small)
Geoff HutchisonGeoff Hutchison
Dig (Orange)Dig (Red)
Geoff HutchisonGeoff Hutchison
Dig (Green)Logo 6
Geoff Hutchison(unknown)
htdig (200x120)htdig (100x45)
Sid MacLeodSid MacLeod
Logo 7 

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