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There are now several mailing lists related to ht://Dig.

htdig-general is a relatively high volume list for discussion of ht://Dig and related announcements. Major announcements, such as new releases are sent to this list as well as the htdig-announce list below. List traffic is archived here.
htdig-announce is a read-only list only for announcements of ht://Dig releases from the main htdig list.
htdig-dev is a fairly moderate volume list for discussion of ht://Dig development issues and patches. List traffic is archived here.
htdig-updates is a read-only, relatively high volume list that tracks changes to the CVS source tree.

To sign up for a list, you should go to the SourceForge mailing list page. Please note that the archives on SourceForge are only from the middle of January 2001, while the above archives comprise messages dating back much further.

In addition to the mailing lists, bug reports and feature requests should be sent to the online bug-tracking database through the bug reporting page.

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